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M&A for B2B SaaS Companies

  • Premier boutique M&A firm focused on B2B SaaS companies with $5M-$20M ARR

  • High touch advising we limit ourselves to 2-3 Transactions per year with a focus on Quality over Quantity

  • Processes built on best in class enterprise selling strategy to find best fits and best outcomes for you

  • With more experience buying companies than many acquiring CEO’s – we can help buyers craft their strategy

  • Small technology acquisitions are about strategic positioning, fit and understanding the corporate buying process

  • High credibility engagement with buyer – highlighting not only what you do well but how that will make the buyer successful

  • We know SaaS

    • We founded, built and sold our own SaaS companies - we know how they work

    • We bought and integrated SaaS companies - we know the value of buying

    • We help other founders find the right acquirer and negotiate the best deal - no one can do it better


Planning & Research

Research target acquirers - identify all logical acquirers (Strategic + Financial). Identify how acquiring you will benefit their business

Create Confidential Information Presentation (CIP) - messaging is critical to convey the value of your company to the buyer

Data Room - organize all important internal documents for buyer review


Outreach & Engagement

Reach out to potential buyers

Engage in meaningful discussion

Identify combined entity benefits

Engage selling CEO in dialogue

Onsite management meetings

Shortlist top candidates

Negotiate best deal with one


LOI & Due Diligence

The LOI is a non-binding agreement with the major deal points agreed to - typically Transaction Structure (Asset/Stock purchase), Consideration, Timeline for Closing, Exclusivity, Due Diligence Review, Confidentiality and Termination


Purchase Agreement

Negotiating the 100’s of details included in the PA requires good judgement. The PA adds all of the details - Adjustments, Escrow, Holdback, Purchase Price Allocation, Closing Deliverables, indemnification, Reps & Warranties, Covenants, Closing Conditions, Termination, Indemnification, Exhibits and Schedules


Featured: The Law of Startups Podcast

Episode #131: February 26th, 2018


Catch our Managing Partner featured in the podcast The Law of Startups talking about how to best position your company for sale and insight on why companies buy.





Credibility. Trust. Experience. Results.