Driving Scale and Maximizing Exits

Strategy, Process and M&A for Growth Stage Companies







Help entrepreneurs grow and sell their companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions: as a former founder and CEO who sold my company, I know what it's like to do what you do and I can help you get maximum value for your company by finding the right buyers. I also have experience buying companies, and can provide support on both sides of the transaction.

Revenue Growth: by quickly identifing growth strategies, we can help you jumpstart your revenue. With the right partnerships, messaging and focus we can guide you to dramatically increase your growth rates. We have driven growth from sub $1M to $55M and again from $12M to $135M, both in less than 5 years.

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Assess the Business

The process begins with an assessment of the business: pulling together the fundamentals and the intangibles that make your business valuable.  


Engage Potential Acquirers

The next step is to reach out to target acquirers and begin discussions around how your business will benefit them. Our message will then be refined for each and every unique need.


Negotiate Contracts

Once we have interested parties we can start to look at deal structure. Our goal is to have options with multiple partners to find the best fit, terms and price.


Close the Deal

When the Letter of Intent is in place we will work with all parties to create the final agreement. When this is completed and approved all you need to do is sign and celebrate!


Messaging that works

Every word matters. Speak to your customer's pain. What does the pain relief look like? I can refine this for you quickly and build a matrix to use that boosts revenue.


"Drip" Campaigns

Leverage your contacts. B2B marketing requires multiple touches so craft 6-12 perspectives around your product's impact on your customer. Hit them with powerful messages repeatedly to encourage interaction.


Predictors of success

Measuring revenue is too late. You must measure the predictors of success from the beginning. Outbound calls predict meetings, meetings predict proposals and proposals predict revenue. And revenue causes success.



Adding customers and employees quickly requires crystal clear templates for success. Everything should be documented so that every employee or customer has a reasonable chance of "success" without a lot of handholding. 


Featured: The Law of Startups Podcast

Episode #131: February 26th, 2018


Catch our Managing Partner featured in the podcast The Law of Startups talking about how to best position your company for sale and insight on why companies buy.





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