Traction Advising in Action

Traction Advising is an active member of the Pacific Northwest community. See below the many opportunities we have had to share our expertise and connect with local entrepreneurs.


Keiretsu Capitol Presentation

Alliance of Angels Presentation

Selling Your Startup

Traction Advising + K&L Gates

Keiretsu Capital is the world’s most active early stage funding investor network. During their September Exit Training session, Traction Advising’s founder and CEO Lowell Ricklefs, a Keiretsu Capital exit advisor, presented on the topic of "Selling your Start Up". Click the link below to watch the presentation at
33 minutes.

Alliance of Angels is the largest and most active group of angel investors in the Pacific Northwest. Traction Advising and K&L Gates law firm partnered up to present to AOA investors on entrepreneurial and legal elements of selling
your startup. View the presentation below.

Featured: The Law of Startups Podcast

Episode #131: February 26th, 2018

Catch our Managing Partner featured in the podcast The Law of Startups talking about
how to best position your company for sale and insight on why companies buy.


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