Traction M&A

For the most important transaction of your life, choose a partner you can trust.

1. Assess 

The process begins with an assessment of the business: pulling together the fundamentals and the intangibles that make your business valuable.  We will create a target list of potential acquirers and zero in on a target valuation range. We will create a professional deck that highlights who you are and what you have. We provide guidance to begin assembling materials for due diligence into a data room. 

2. Engage

The next step is to reach out to target acquirers, get NDA's in place and begin discussions around how your business will benefit them. We will research each target to fully understand their priorities and strategy. Our message will be refined for each. We will leverage our contacts and relationships that you have. We can help you engage with an M&A attorney.

4. Close

When the LOI is in place we will work with the acquirer and the attorneys on both sides to draft the final Purchase Agreement. We will help to navigate a lot of terms like reps and warranties, escrows, holdbacks, earnouts, employee agreements, non-competes and payment terms. When this is completed and approved you will sign and celebrate!

3. Negotiate

Once we have interested parties we can start to look at deal structure. They will do initial due diligence with a review of the team, the financials and the product. We will start to get a handle on initial valuation and they will draft the Letter Of Intent (LOI). Our goal is to have options with multiple partners to find the best fit, terms and price. The result will be an LOI with the best partner.