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Mergers and Acquisitions

Lowell not only brought a wealth of experience to our acquisition, but was a pleasure to work with. It's almost a mystery how he maintained such a positive attitude with us and everyone we interacted with, and at the same time negotiated with an iron fist. He managed to get us our best outcome while making the process as stress free as possible.

- Sami Kaipa, Glimpzit Co-Founder

Lowell was instrumental in finding FlexMinder a successful exit. He ran the process like any other sales process he runs, tactfully, methodically, and thoughtfully. He has the uncanny ability to turn no-s into maybe-s and maybe-s into yes-s. I firmly believe without Lowell spearheading the effort, we would not have had a successful exit for FlexMinder. I would work with him in another venture again in a heartbeat.

- Deepak Kumar, FlexMinder Founder


Lowell did an excellent job of creating our operational strategy and putting together all of the components and templates required to drive rapid adoption as we on-boarded new employees and customers.

- Founder & CEO


Lowell ran the sales process for a company that I was on the board of. He did a great job of framing up the value of the company (it was a complicated value proposition) so prospective buyers could quickly understand the fit, each time molding the narrative to match their strategic initiatives. He was remarkably aggressive at researching and then contacting a much broader portfolio of target companies than we would have otherwise have gone after. I can truly say that we touched ever possible buyer in the market during the timeframe we had to run the process.

- Lead Investor & Board Member